Physicians Endoscopy Center (Houston, TX)
Horrible Surgery Center

Physicians Endoscopy Center (Houston, TX)


Horrible experience with the facility. As usual they use a fly by night anesthesia group that doesn’t take your insurance! I have had that happen at Baylor to for a surgery and they got me for like $8,000! It is a scam or ripoff that they do not tell you who the anesthesia group is or what insurance they take until you arrive for your procedure! I am very surprised that this practice is allowed, I think it is fraud or at least false advertising (if nothing else just another way to screw the patient)!

Update 02/21/2024:

I’ll add that upon going back for the same proceedure the nurses were rude, (I guess they do not know that patients pay their saleries), there was only one nice nurse and she was an older one that started getting me ready.

So, they ripped me off for another large sum of money for a frivolous test that told us no more than we knew before.

Unless you are dying and made of money I would not reccommend this facility and the games they play.

Heck, you input all the information in a website prior to arival – then they make you fill it all out by hand again once you arive! And their computers can’t even sync that data up to get the proper information into a printed out form from the “passport” program they utilize… And the Office manager, wow, they cannot get the insurance information correct in their documents even thought you type it in for them in the web form – then they try to say it is your fault!

Also, in recovery the nurse anesthetist tried to pick a fight with me. That was fine with me, even coming out of anesthesia I could kick his scrawny ass, and believe me I was ready too! He backed down real quickly after I told him to come to my bed so I could beat the shit out of him.

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